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Cheyenne And Julie Part One-Two 2020 (BarsandStripes) [HD/1280x720]

Cheyenne And Julie Part One-Two 2020 (BarsandStripes) [HD/1280x720]

Name: Cheyenne And Julie Part One-Two 2020

Part 1: Cheyenne and Julie are sent to The Masonfield Prison For Women. They get their initial interview and to make them feel at home with the new regime, inmate Julie gets a sound bare bottom spanking in her new Cell while Cheyenne watches knowing her bottom is next. Part 2: In part two inmate Cheyenne is taken over the Warden’s knee and she gets her bare bottom soundly spanked. Then both inmates are lain over the lower prison bunk and their bottoms feel the biting sting of the Warden’s Riding Crop.

Duration: 00:13:49
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 315 MB

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Genre: Spanking M/F, Bars and Stripes, BarsandStripes, Prisoners Cheyenne, Prisoners Julie, Spanked In Uniform, SpankedInUniform
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21 January 0 92
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