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BARE BREASTED BELT WHIPPING 2020 (AssumethePositionStudios) [HD/1280x720]

BARE BREASTED BELT WHIPPING 2020 (AssumethePositionStudios) [HD/1280x720]


FRONT AND SIDE CAMERA- catches her adorable face and bouncing breasts as she is soundly belt whipped ! Christy reports to Master for good morning spanking that always sends her off on her best behavior. She bend over the end of the bed, stripped to a black lace thong. Legs spread wide for balance with her arms supporting her on the bed as her bare breasts sway seductively. Master’s hand cracks down on her bottom, the impact launching her forward as alternating swats beat a steady rhythm on hot skin. Soon, the familiar sound of Master’s belt sliding through the loops. The explosion of leather across both cheeks flattens, then flushes crimson as she whimpers. The intensity of the licks makes her gasp as she is severely belt whipped, obediently counting the final strokes and thanking daddy. In the end she promises to be a good girl. A spanking to start the day always helps her to be on her best behavior !

Duration: 00:09:01
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 327 MB

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Genre: Spanking M/F, AssumethePositionStudios, bare bottom belt whipping, BREAST BOUNCING, Christy Cutie, Corporal Punishment, Domestic Discipline, MASTER'S GIRL, Real Spanking, scolding, The Master
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