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Spanked for Riding Rough 2020 (UniversalSpanking) [SD/720x406]

Spanked for Riding Rough 2020 (UniversalSpanking) [SD/720x406]

Name: Spanked for Riding Rough 2020

J.R. Price is a stern man, a demanding man, that expects success and victory from those surrounding him. Having made his money in oil and the cattle game, he decided to embark on a new venture where he also expected to win,…horse racing. Alexis Price is his Niece and she begged her Uncle J.R. to give her the opportunity to race their new horse to a championship. He was hesitant as she could be a precocious young lady, but he gambled on her and paid the steep fees to train her for the upcoming racing season. Alexis was usually on good behavior, Uncle J.R. only had to take her to the woodshed two or three times in all her years. As the season progressed though, the losses started mounting and that stunning horse was showing signs of being ridden rough. There was no way that J.R. was going to accept anything but perfection from his rider, even if it was family! Alexis surely felt shame for her behavior, she had the Price name, but she still needed the desire that fuels burning ambition. Enter Uncle J.R. and stern session of searing corporal punishment. First, Alexis is spanked over her riding pants with the hand, and then with them lowered as well! You see, J.R. wasn’t gonna favor his Niece, if anybody on his staff messed up they could expect to have their behinds blistered,…he was old fashioned in his ways. Next, she faced harsh smacks with the leather paddle and and then bare bottom correction with the very riding crop that she used to ride,…along with strokes from the family strap. To ensure that Alexis was focused and repentant, Uncle J.R. bent her over for stinging swats with the wooden paddle! Swat after swat reminded the girl that being successful and well mannered could save her from the painful hard licks of life. Alexis knew by the time that her beautiful bottom was welted and sore that she’d train harder than she ever had before, because the Price family name represents only those that win.

Duration: 00:23:13
Quality: SD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 204 MB

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