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Custom Spanking Video 1 (Sierra Salem) - 2020 [SD/640x480]

Custom Spanking Video 1 (Sierra Salem) - 2020 [SD/640x480]

Name: Custom Spanking Video 1 2020

Based off of a true story. I met Darling and Venus ( roommates and lovers at the time) at a Fetish Ball. They were involved in a squabble based on…you guessed it JEALOUSY. I sat down between them ( which kind of shocked them back to reality) They knew me through the fetish party scene, but not well. After spending some time refereeing, the topic came to spanking. Namely me telling them both they deserved a good one. We talked more about the topic of spanking , which seemed to pique their interest. Even more so, them each enjoying the thought of watching the other one getting spanked as they watched. It came around to what I did…and the birth of this spanking came to fruition. I decided that each of these spankings had so many great visuals about them , that it was a waste to leave some footage to me left out during cuts. Her you get to watch the entire spankings in their entirety , without losing any of the spankings do to cuts. I think you will enjoy the full spankings , from each camera in complete form! The remastering at a less condensed bit-rate is the cherry on the bottom!

Duration: 00:23:30
Quality: SD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 254 MB

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Genre: Spanking M/F, Sierra Salem
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