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Daddy Spanks Aria part 3 2020 (SarahGregorySpanking) [FullHD/1920x1080]

Daddy Spanks Aria part 3 2020 (SarahGregorySpanking) [FullHD/1920x1080]

Name: Daddy Spanks Aria part 3 2020

Aria has been nothing but trouble and Daddy has had enough of her behavior. He makes arrangements to send her to a private school where they use corporal punishment as he knows no other way to deal with this annoying brat. The school suggests that the family use their form of discipline in the month leading up to classes. This is to get Aria used to the kind of discipline. she should expect for misbehavior. She is very sassy and rude to dad, even swearing at him when he explains what should happen. He tells her that he is going to follow the school’s advice and start her discipline immediately. He spanks her in the new uniform, then over her white cotton panties and finally with them pulled down on her bare quivering bottom. She then receives 12 strokes with the cane which leaves welts on her already sore cheeks. She most certainly does not like the cane at all! She is told to report back to the living room at bedtime for a hairbrush spanking which is what she could expect at the new school. So, that evening… daddy uses the heavy wooden hairbrush hard on poor Aria’s already sore bottom until it is a shameful crimson red, stinging terribly from the mean swats she receives. Now she wishes that she had been far less sassy and provocative earlier on… this new style of discipline seems to be working.

Duration: 00:05:22
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
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Genre: Spanking M/F, Aria Lennox, Bdsm, Paul Rogers, Sarah Gregory Spanking, SarahGregorySpanking
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