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Yoga Wife 2 (Hairbrush Meanness) - 2020 (DallasSpanksHard) [SD/960x540]

Yoga Wife 2 (Hairbrush Meanness) - 2020 (DallasSpanksHard) [SD/960x540]

Name: Yoga Wife 2 2020

Snow Mercy has gained quite a bit of fame since that first spanking I gave her fifteen years ago. She was deemed The Most Interesting Person In LA ( being featured on the cover of LA Weekly) I mean a Pro-Domme with a PHD. She was coming to the East coast and we met up for a remarkable day of acting and spanking. Her idea of a bitchy yoga wife who abused her staff, was close to some behavioral issues of her own. This week, a hard OTK hairbrush spanking for our Cruella De Spank! Seems she has an upstairs maid named Joseine. When Joseine went to Snow’s husband Edward, informing him she had been slapped across the face by his wife. Edward began his elaborate plan to document his wife’s abuses and make her face a humiliating series of spankings for them. She gets the hairbrush…for Joseine’s slap! Enjoy this return to where it all began! Snow over my knee and getting a blistering.

Duration: 00:10:46
Quality: SD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 116 MB

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Genre: Spanking M/F, Dallas Spanks Hard, DallasSpanksHard, hairbrush spanking, Snow Mercy
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