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Opal Spanked by Coach 2020 (Cheerleaderspankings) [FullHD/1920x1080]

Opal Spanked by Coach 2020 (Cheerleaderspankings) [FullHD/1920x1080]

Name: Opal Spanked by Coach 2020

Opal is new cheerleader with attitude that the other girls in the squad are finding hard to work with. Her latest infraction is too much for Coach Osborne to ignore as Opal turned up to practice with dyed blue hair! It is specifically against the rules of the cheer squad and also clashes with the team colors. what was she thinking? It has caused unrest with the other girls and Opal has much to learn if she is to remain in this elite squad. Coach scolds and shames her, reminding her she is off the squad permanently if she does not change her hair color after he carries out this punishment. She not only gets a spanking over his lap, with and without the protection of her panties, which embarrassed her greatly, but there is also a surprise in store. Opal is the first cheerleader to take the new dreaded “Bad Cheerleader” leather strap which is still stiff and not broken in, meraning it hurts like hell! This teaches her a lesson, and she knows what she has to do to keep her place in the squad and more importantly. her scholarship.

Duration: 00:10:38
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 922 MB

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Genre: Spanking M/F, Bdsm, Cheerleaderspankings, John Osborne, Opal Skies
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