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Kiki Spanked by Brother 2020 (Sarahgregoryspanking) [FullHD/1920x1080]

Kiki Spanked by Brother 2020 (Sarahgregoryspanking) [FullHD/1920x1080]

Name: Kiki Spanked by Brother 2020

Kiki stayed out way too late at a party and had partied just a little too hard! She had to call her older brother to come and pick her up. After they get home, he looks at the state of her and disapproves as she begs him not to tell mom and dad about this. Well, Johnny is very upset that her sister has behaved like a party slut and says that he will not tell them but he is going to punish her as mom or dad would; This means a spanking! Kiki only agrees as she really doesn’t want the parents finding out. She would never be trusted to go out again if they knew the truth. So, over big brother’s lap, she goes for a spanking with his hand. Kiki giggled at first but soon the headspace of being spanked by her older sibling, panties down, on the bare bottom brings the message home. Her humiliation is complete when he spanks her with mommy’s hairbrush. Kiki will be more careful in the future when going out and partying less hard!

Duration: 00:10:20
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 900 MB

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Genre: Spanking M/F, Bdsm, Johnny Angel, Kiki Cali, SarahGregorySpanking
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