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Valentines Whitney 1 Spanking Video (1-3) 2019 (Dallas Spanks Hard) [SD/960x540]

Valentines Whitney 1 Spanking Video (1-3) 2019 (Dallas Spanks Hard) [SD/960x540]

Name: Valentines Whitney 1 Spanking Video (1-3) 2019

What is amazing about this film? Take a well know adult model (Whitney Morgan) and her request for my help with severe spankings, as a way to help her stop her party girl ways and becoming her desired ‘ domestic Goddess’. She wanted me to teach her a real lesson and heard from Nikki Rouge that I helped her learn a lesson regarding not checking in when she is one the road. I had her show up on the day before Valentine’s Day. I did this, so that she would not be able to sit down on Valentine’s Day. I wanted that date to be emblazoned into her brain, as a constant reminder of this punishment. I had Whitney create her own destiny, which you will see over time. This was a severe session and one that will be in the back of her mind for a long time. If you like god old fashioned OTK punishment spankings… you will love this first one! Whitney the self-professed party-girl and slut, brought herself to me to pursue becoming the ‘domestic Goddess’ she longed to be. Her first role of the dice ( to create her own destiny) came up as the wooden hairbrush. Doesn’t get much more domestic that that! The cool thing was she really was creating the destiny of which implement she would be punished with. I could have chosen, but this is so much more interesting! If you don’t believe in destiny of fate, you will want to look forward to these updates! Her fate was sealed with every roll. When Whitney mentioned her desire to be ‘less slut’ and more ‘domestic Goddess’, I had to include in the destiny implement line-up, the paddle I first got for Scarlet’s OTK domestic spankings. To show you that the universe is listening, she actually rolled the dice and this paddle’s number was the result. This was the metamorphosis spanking for her domestic desires. She could have rolled for a completely non-domestic implement, but she didn’t. I start out over her jeans with some very hard paddling. The were extremely thin material, but trapped in the heat vey well. There is something about a blond girl in a ponytail and in sneakers, getting paddled on her jeans that scream domestic discipline. Yanking down her jeans and spanking her on the panties, before pulling those down, are just the prelude to the wooden butt-burner she gets on the bare bottom!

Duration: 00:13:48
Quality: SD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 141 MB

New Video Download Valentines Whitney 1 Spanking Video (1-3) 2019 [SD/960x540]

Genre: Dallas Spanks Hard, M F, SD, Zero Day
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